Top 5 Best Bitcoin Faucets

One of the best ways to earn money online is to collect bitcoins. This 2015 bitcoin is a boom! The value of it is getting

Dogecoin and Faucets

Nowadays, there are so many ways to make money online. Though you’ll not get rich out of it in seconds (just like others say on

Get Your Free MasterCard Debit in Philippines

One of the things you may need in money making online is to have a verified PayPal account. That is needed for you to receive

Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet

Recently, the value of Bitcoins went really high. I think it’s really best to collect them now. On my previous post about getting bitcoin wallet , I

ClixAddon : A plug in that makes you earn more

Hey There! How are you?     I’ve been talking about how to boost up your earnings on my previous post which you can find

Traffic Exchange: Advertise and Earn

Do you advertise your own site? Do you want prospects for your affiliate links? Do you need traffic for your blog? If YES, then this : Shorten your links and monetize them

  Newest way to monetize your blog!   I’ve been blogging for quite some time now and I realized recently that I can also earn

Get the best Bitcoin Wallet

  This is how a bitcoin wallet address looks like As I have advised on my previous post the very first thing you need to

Bitcoin: My New Pal

Bitcoin is my new pal!!!   Before, I’m so in love with clicking ads for me to get paid. Now, I got my new bestie

Top Paying Paid to Click Sites

Hey guys. I will just update this sooo out dated list of best paid to click site. Just click the banners to join for free.


I will list some best online investment sites that i know. These are well trusted so don’t worry about your money. NOTE : ALL LINKS

earn by shrinking urls :

All my shared links are in this site offers shrinking URL services. Long links will be converted to shorter one. After links were converted,


There are some effective ways to boost your PTC earnings. I will tell you some tips on how will it be possible to earn more

What is PTR or Paid to Read

PTR means paid to read, it is similar with PTC but PTR provides ads thru email. Joining to some PTR sites will allow you to

what is ptc? : introduction

What is PTC? PTC is paid to click. Ptc sites provide payments to their members for clicking paid ads by advertisers who purchase advert space

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