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Life of Miel

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All thoughts. My Journal. My notes. Personal space for being Miel.

Just another day

Just an entry for this day. I don’t write daily. I tend to forget about blogging. Not because I don’t like it. Not because I don’t have time. It’s actually because of the Internet. I’m in a rural place with no lined connection. Where mobile data are capped even you pay for unlimited surfing. I’m …

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Ethtrade’s website has already shut down, so where are they now? *Must See*

Ethrade shuts down their website and operation

I’ve been a member of Ethtrade.org since April, that has not been so long, unlike others who have been part of it for more than a year or something.   Recently, they have announced the fall of our portfolios to a 60% loss. I was shocked but not that much because my investments were not …

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I’m back!!!

I’m back! Sorry for being frozen this last few months, i’ve been busy with my studies while taking care of my baby after my class. It’s so hard to have a family at an early age, there are many hindrances that blocks your ways on pursuing your dreams, but anyway it is my own will …

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Gotta press this right now. The day is about to end , I forgot that this day is the celebration of the 9th month of my baby! Let’s celebrate this day!! Az doesn’t seem to look so happy this day, maybe he doesn’t know that this day is his special day! He always cry (geez) …

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