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Apps that I use for iOS or Android.

Day One Journal App Review | Mielygraphy

Keep a Journaling Habit with Day One Journal App – A Review

I realized today that I haven’t shared a full review of the Day One Journal App. I only posted the “How to use Shortcuts for Day One on iOS”. To start with I had...
Dashlane Password Management App for All Devices (2019 Review)

Dashlane (Password Manager) Review: Can it protect the security of your account?

Check out my latest app review! I suddenly saw a good deal of this Dashlane app on the app store so I grabbed the opportunity to secure all my accounts. Find out if it...
All you need to know about Gcash Invest Money - Mielygraphy

All you need to know about GCash Invest Money

Last month, I finally had a chance to enable the GCash Invest Money feature on my account. I wasn’t able to get it done in the past because after some app updates my fully...
Noted App Review for iOS

Noted App Review for iOS(Note Taking Apps)

Recently, I downloaded this new note taking app on iOS called Noted app. It was new and featured on the app store and I feel so curious about it. So I downloaded the app...
6 key features of evernote

6 Key Features of Evernote That Makes it the Best Note Taking App

Note taking is very important for bloggers and almost anyone. You do that for your grocery list, reminders, to-do list and just anything you wanna remember or organize. I love my physical notebooks and...
Using templates are now made easier on Evernote

Using Templates Are Now Made Easier on Evernote

I’m sure you guys noticed that I am such an avid user of Evernote since I had so many write ups about it. Honestly, I’m quite addicted using it. Last night, I received an update...
how a blogger uses evernote

How I Use My Evernote as a Blogger

Blogging sometimes can be overwhelming. There are tons of tasks, ideas and topics that will bombard you whenever you think of doing it. I’ve been experiencing it a lot more than what you can think...
8 Podcast Apps for iOS and Android

8 Different Cool Podcast Apps for iOS and Android

Let’s make this list simple as possible. Last Saturday, I just shared to you what is a Podcast and why you should love it too. Well, I love it so much and I hope...
New GCash Feature that I am So Excited About(GCash Invest Money)

New GCash Feature that I am So Excited About(GCash Invest Money)

Update 06/19/19: Finally I was able to try this feature. It took a while but here are the things you need to know about GCash Invest Money! Just saw a new and very cool...
When Life Asks You to Bullet Journal on Evernote (With Free Templates)

When Life Asks You to Bullet Journal on Evernote (With Free Templates)

Two days ago, I uploaded my very first video guide on YouTube about my Evernote Bullet Journal Set up with some guide. Today, I’ll just share with you the story behind why I made...
evernote across all devices

Evernote is my new all in one tool for blogging

To all my fellow bloggers and people who love taking notes and record information, I’m about to introduce to you my blogging and noting buddy. Say hi to Evernote! I’m sure this isn’t the...
GCash Review: All you need to Know!

Globe GCash Mobile Payments Full Review (Updated)

GCash Review – All you need to know Get P50 GCash to buy load, pay bills, and many more. Click here to register! Hi Everyone! Today, I’m going to give a full review of Globe...
photo credit: Unsplash

I’ll be doing a mobile blogging challenge!

Anyone here who blogs using mobile devices only?I haven’t really met one. But honestly, I’ve been doing that in the past. That was 6 years ago. Recently, I received a notification from WordPress. It...
Google Photos Review

A cute automated GIF from Google Photos and a review!

I just really love this Google Photos thingy. I'm not sure if everyone was using it but this is something that everyone needs to know. I've listed down some of its cool features, so...
Day One Daily Log Shortcuts on iOS

I almost ditched Day One App but Shortcuts made it easier and fun to Journal with.

I'm almost planning to uninstall my Day One app, but this workflow app just stopped me from doing that. Check the full article to find out why. :)
Keyboard For iOS

Quick App Review: Pastel Keyboard For iOS

Looking for a cute pastel themed keyboard for your iphone? Check out my review for pastel Keyboard!

Any idea about Journal writing???

Any idea about journaling? I need your help guys.
Full Review : Coins.PH (Best Payments Services and Bitcoin Wallet in the Philippines)

Full Review : Coins.PH (Best Payments Services and Bitcoin Wallet in the Philippines)

Welcome to my Coins.ph Full Review Many Filipinos are now using coins.ph as one of the major tools to make money. They use it for sending and receiving money. Some are using it for...
earn money from your smartphone

Earn Money from your Smartphone

Have you ever thought about earning some money from your smartphone? I am talking about real money not just gold coins or gems on the usual games that you play.   If you haven’t...