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Xiaomi Mi WiFi Repeater 2 Quick Review and Set Up
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Xiaomi Mi WiFi Repeater 2 Quick Review and Set Up

Just got another item from Lazada! Finally, I was able to find an affordable and an easy-to-set-up wifi repeater. Most likely this post will be a quick review and some step by step instructions on how to set this up. Just a disclaimer, I may share an affiliate link for this item to gain some …

Veco Spiral Dotted Journal Review
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Review: Veco Spiral Dotted Journal from NBS-SM Bacoor

Hi everyone! You know the drill. Just purchased another journal from my most favorite store ever. Of course, that is the National Bookstore. Dotted journals are becoming popular these days since the start of the booming idea by Ryder Caroll about Bullet Journal. Due to its popularity, many notebook makers are now starting to release …

Romoss Ace 10 Powerbank review
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Romoss Ace A10 10000 mAh Powerbank Review

Hi everyone! Today we’re about to check an item I got from Lazada and that is the Romoss A10 Ace series 10000mAh powerbank. I was forced to get a new one since my 2 year old Bavin powerbank is trying to say goodbye to me. It’s not yet totally wrecked but it acts up from time to …

evernote across all devices
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Evernote is my new all in one tool for blogging

To all my fellow bloggers and people who love’s taking notes and record information, I’m about to introduce to you my blogging and noting buddy. Say hi to Evernote! I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve seen this name. Evernote is quite well-known as a note taking app. But some people are quite confused …

I got new items_ Lil' hands Coloring Pens and Veco Sparkling Notes (Review)
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I got new items: Lil’ hands Coloring Pens and Veco Sparkling Notes (Review)

Last payday, I got in the office too early so I decided to take some walk and window shopping at Uptown Mall. The mall is just beside our office building(actually they were interconnected buildings). My usual spot is the National Bookstore for any malls that is the first place/shop I always tries to look for. …

My Stuff Reviews

Review: Electric Dual Breast Pump from Lazada

I really like doing reviews recently. Honestly, there are items that I wanted to buy and I usually check reviews. There are items that I don’t expect to have a review, but surprisingly they have. So I guess it would be nice and helpful to share a review for these things I recently bought from Lazada. Although, I am  not sure if people would really be interested with these reviews.
So let’s start this!
I’m about to review, a (technically unbranded) Electric Breast Pump I bought from Lazada(If you want to get discounts from Lazada you can check my old post for cash backs).
The price of the item is something that is being considered by most moms like me. It’s unbelievably cheap. I bought it for 578PHP but there’s a shipping fee if it’s less than 1000, so I had an additional order for a Milk Warmer which you should not buy.
I ordered it on Dec 6, 2017 around 2 am(I’m from graveyard shift haha) and I got the item in Dec 7, 2017 around 8am. The delivery of the was really fast. Whenever I order online, I’m expecting for the item to arrive within a week. I don’t really want to commend Lazada for the fast shipment like what most users do because as far as I’m aware the shipment is initiated by the seller. Although Lazada also does their job in delivering the item, I would still prefer to give the credit of the fast shipment with the seller.
What’s inside the package? (I just googled what they are called XD)
  • Pump compressor
  • Tubing – it has a splitter if you want to pump both sides of your breast and 2 piece tubes which you can use as a single pump.
  • 2 Breast Flange (with the backflow diaphragm and valve attached)plastic. It doesn’t have a cushion though.
  • 2 Milk bottles(5oz)
  • Bottle Cap
  • Bottle Ring
  • Stretchable Nipple
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • String Meshbag
How it works?
Just connect the tubes with the flange and use your own 1A power adapter with the usb provided for power supply. Turn it on and it will start. The suction is automatically adjusting. I haven’t counted the number of levels of the suction power but you can manually adjust it if you want.
The power button has a led indicator. It is red at the start and it will turn blue if it reaches the maximum suction power.
The buttons were just embossed and it works like a touchscreen. When I got it the first time I kept on pressing it hard and I really wondered why there’s no button clicks. Then I realized that it is a touch button.
Aside from power buttons it has a plus and minus sign for adjusting the suction power. There’s also a button that looks like drops, when you touch it while on maximum power, it will turn in it’s minimum power. If it’s on minimum when you press the button it will turn to the maximum. (I’m not sure if I making sense on that part hehe).
It has to be cleaned and sterilized after use.
What I think about it?
Well for me it’s really nice. I had this for more than one month now. I had no issues with it. I would highly recommend this than the branded pumps that costs around 10k-20k. Those branded pumps may be durable but I don’t think it is necessary to have a durable pump that last for years because technically you may need it for not more than two years. Unless you wanted to have lots of babies every two years. So with my 10k, I can purchase almost 17 of these electric pumps. So if it gets broken it wouldn’t be heart-aching/pocket-aching to just purchase another set.
It has two piece of flange and hose, I kept the other set of it in case I lose a piece of it. Unlike with the expensive brands you usually get just one piece of everything and if you lost it, the spares are quite pricey too.
The only thing I didn’t like about it is the bottle cap and ring because you have two bottles yet the cap is just one.
But over all I’m satisfied with it. I can’t see any reason why I should buy a branded electric pump if this one is affordable and functional enough.
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