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Veco Spiral Dotted Journal Review
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Review: Veco Spiral Dotted Journal from NBS-SM Bacoor

Hi everyone! You know the drill. Just purchased another journal from my most favorite store ever. Of course, that is the National Bookstore. Dotted journals are becoming popular these days since the start of the booming idea by Ryder Caroll about Bullet Journal. Due to its popularity, many notebook makers are now starting to release …

Gadgets are not supposed to be bad for kids
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Gadgets Aren’t Supposed To Be Bad For Kids

We all know gadgets and technology are now ruling the world. They are now calling kids as Generation X because at the earliest age, they are now capable of understanding and interacting with gadgets easily without even teaching them how to. I remember my son suddenly started navigating a Windows 8 computer at the age …

Breastfeeding journey
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My Breastfeeding Journey Now on its 11th Month(Almost)

A lot of mom bloggers most likely have posted already their journey about breastfeeding. It’s either because it was a very nice topic to talk about or maybe they’re just trying to set the expectations of new and upcoming moms. I’ve been interested with breastfeeding topics ever since but not able to get a chance …

When Life Asks You to Bullet Journal on Evernote (With Free Templates)
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When Life Asks You to Bullet Journal on Evernote (With Free Templates)

Two days ago, I uploaded my very first video guide on YouTube about my Evernote Bullet Journal Set up with some guide. Today, I’ll just share with you the story behind why I made a bullet journal with my Evernote. Also I am going to share with you the template that I created. Just a …

Bacoor Cavite was included in the State of Calamity
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Bacoor Cavite was included in the State of Calamity

Yesterday was a total mess in our barangay. Bacoor Cavite was included in the State of Calamity which has been announced by our beloved Governor Boying Remulla due to high flooding all over the province. Floods are very common here in Bacoor. So most houses here are elevated. For the past two years, this is …

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How I ended up being a stressful working mom?

It’s 2:41 am and I just started openning uo my Evernote to write this overflowing answer to that question on the title. I guess I have already spent an hour thinking about the answer until I finally realized that it is something like a story to tell. So rigth now this post will just be …

AZ's 7th Birthday
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AZ’s 7th Birthday at Robinsons Place Gen Tri

I’ve been trying to search the reason why 7th birthday is one of the most important celebration among all birthdays of a person. To be honest no one can really answer it directly. Most of them say it may be some kind of this or that. But I noticed, most of the results about the …

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It’s my Birthmonth and I have a Giveaway promo on Facebook

Facebook Giveaway Promo Hi everybody! I opened up a small giveaway promo on Facebook this month of April. I hope you guys can participate. 2 years ago I had a same promo for a Starbucks preloaded card. Now that I’m liking calligraphy so much. I decided to share a gift to my followers. It’s a …

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Weekly Abouts #2: I have a Youtube Channel but…

Over a month ago, I created a YouTube channel which I have been planning to create since 2015. It has been a while before I actually initiated an action to create it. I don’t even have plans to promote it until I have created several videos. After a month, I only published my daughter’s videos …

Happy 6 month Mikayla
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Happy 6 Months Mikayla Athena

  March 29 2018 – We celebrated Mikayla’s 6th month birthday. We had a family dinner at Kenny Roger’s Roasters. It was just a quick small dinner. We are so excited for Mikayla to reach her 6th month because my mother is stopping us from letting her try food because she keeps on saying that …

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Never give birth at Our Lady of Lourdes International Medical Center

I’ll never ever go to Olongapo for hospitalization especially giving birth ever. Everyone should be aware how this hospital made my life miserable. I hope this post will reach the authorities. I really wanted to sue them right now for doing this to me but I’m so incapable that’s why I’ll be writing it instead. …

When your baby likes something else than their teether.
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When your baby likes something else than their teether

Baby knows best too. If you haven’t notice they know how to put themselves into the most comfortable position to sleep well. They know when to cry and notify us of their hunger or discomforts. They know a lot but they say it on their own ways. As they are about to start eating solids, …

Unreasonable reasons for not breastfeeding
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Unreasonable reasons for not Breastfeeding

  Breastfeeding is my favorite part of motherhood. It makes me feel like I’m a superhero. You know, aside from bearing your precious babies in your tummy, you’re also also capable of feeding them with milk that can never be better than any other formula. Honestly, I’m curious why other moms doesn’t appreciate breastfeeding. I’ve …

mobile blogging challenge
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I’ll be doing a mobile blogging challenge!

Anyone here who blogs using mobile devices only? I haven’t really met one. But honestly, I’ve been doing that in the past. That was 6 years ago. Recently, I received a notification from WordPress. It was a greetings about my 6th anniversary with WordPress. Happy 6 years to us WordPress So yeah, I started 6 …

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