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Happy 4th month Mikayla Athena!

Happy 4th month to my prettiest little version.
Why calligraphy isn't for me??

Why calligraphy isn’t for me?

I really wanted to learn calligraphy. But... I feel like it’s not for me. How sad. ? Read more...........
Reading challenge for 2018

Reading challenge for 2018???

I’m starting a reading challenge for myself this year and it’s official. Although it is a big question that still runs in my head. Will I be possibly make it? What do you think??

What A Gorgeous Smile

  I usually get home around 3:30-5am. But 2 days ago I was able to get home earlier than everyone expected. I was able to take a ride as soon as I get out...

My Simple Bullet Journal Set Up for January (It’s my first time XD)

It's my first time to set up a bullet journal for my self. I missed some modules on it but I find it fun and nice. If your looking for a simple way to...
Goals for this year

Goals for this year

Here’s where I’ve just announced my goals. Hoping that I can reach and brag it next year. Hahaha!

Happy New Year!!!

New Year, new life and of course new goals. Stay happy!
faux calligraphy

It’s nice to try faux calligraphy

Check out my first attempt of faux calligraphy. ^_^
bullet journals

Switching from unorganized journals to bullet journals!

Just sharing my messy old journals and the new journal I bought that is supposed to organize my 2018. I am trying out bullet journaling too :)

Just got a gift!

I never expect any gift(s) from anyone every Christmas. But my brother-in-law just did.

My new yearly project: Scrapbooking

Check out my 2017 scrapbook! I’m so excited to fill this with pictures of this year!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Hey Guys! Merry Christmas! I just bought one brush pen and I just tried it out so please forgive my handwriting. I hope y’all enjoyed your holidays. Although, I have to work during Christmas, I...

Sorry for the spam

It seemed that I just spammed everyone for migrating my old posts from CryptalkPh to this blog. I just turned off the publicize for those edits so it wouldn’t notify all my follower from...

Just giving you an update since it’s been a while.

Hey guys, I’m back. I’m not sure if I’m really back completely. But I am here updating y’all about my current activities with bitcoin. I’ve been idle for a while due to my high...

Any idea about Journal writing???

Any idea about journaling? I need your help guys.

Just another day

Just an entry for this day. I don’t write daily. I tend to forget about blogging. Not because I don’t like it. Not because I don’t have time. It’s actually because of the Internet....
ethtrafe.org website has shutdown

Ethtrade’s website has already shut down, so where are they now? *Must See*

I’ve been a member of Ethtrade.org since April, that has not been so long, unlike others who have been part of it for more than a year or something.   Recently, they have announced...

My hyperthyroidism during pregnancy

Just sharing my experience about hyperthyroidism during my pregnancy.

I just wanna say I’m happy!

For the past three days, I feel so happy. I am with the people I love. They said they were really happy being with me too. That was just for three days. My heart...

Can I make it better?

A sad story that I shared for the sake of venting it out and attempt to make my self feel better.

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