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I’ve been talking about how to boost up your earnings on my previous post which you can find (here). One of the things I have mentioned there in #3. Download ptc sites toolbar/apps(if available) . 


Miely is Online : Clixsense add on/ tool bar



So there’s an actual paid to click site that offers a toolbar that can be useful for you to be able to maximize your earnings. As you can see on the image above that is the tool bar offered by CLIXSENSE to it’s users.



I actually use it on Google Chrome and it works perfectly fine. Its key features are as follows:
    • View earnings that has not been withdrawn


    • View earnings today, yesterday and total (together with the paid and unpaid balances)


    • You’ll also have the visibility of available ads, surveys and tasks.


  • In tool bar section of your browser you’ll see ‘0’ or “zero” if there’s no available ads or survey but if there are some it will show you the count and it usually blinks to catch your attention.


Those features are really helpful because there are some high paying ads that easily reaches their target that’s why you’ll usually can’t get it. With the help of this add on you’ll usually be the first to get the latest ads.

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