Dogecoin and Faucets

Nowadays, there are so many ways to make money online. Though you’ll not get rich out of it in seconds (just like others say on their ads). It’s something that everyone should learn or know instead of posting non-sense stuff on social media or bashing their most hated artists.

Today, I’m gonna introduce you to some other ways to earn money online.

I’ve been talking about Bitcoins lately so I think it’s time to know something about Dogecoins .

So, What is Dogecoin?

It’s another digital currency, which is also known as Cryptocurrency. Dogecoin is definitely same with Bitcoin. It’s something you cannot touch. But it has a corresponding value if you’ll have it exchanged with our real life currencies such as USD, AUD, and PHP. The only difference that it has with Bitcoins is the value. Of course, the value of Bitcoin is higher and to be honest, it has the highest value among all currencies. Well, that doesn’t really matter, because Bitcoin didn’t even started the way it is right now. What I mean is that the value of Bitcoin is not even that high before unlike now. So there are possibilities that dogecoin will get a higher value as well as time goes by (hopefully).

How to get started?

Simple, all you need to do is to set up your wallet address. For Dogecoin Address, usually it starts with the letter ‘D’ . I haven’t seen any wallet provider for dogecoin that doesn’t have any transaction fees, but I’m looking for one so that we can maximize each dogecoin we will have. If you know a dogecoin wallet provider that doesn’t have transaction fees, please leave a comment so everyone would know, including myself.
In the mean time you get your  dogecoin wallet address here for free.

What’s next?

Start earning ! There’s a lot of ways to earn it. Just like Bitcoins . You can buy and sell, invest and collect for free with the use of faucets.
What I prefer is faucet because it’s free and safe to use.

Here are some faucet(s) that you can use to earn dogecoins

Roll you luck to earn the jackpot dogecoin

Just an update I have taken off other faucets since they are not  working anymore. But these two below are working! 🙂

grab your free dogecoin now

free dogecoin

Hope that this article was helpful. Leave a comment if you have something to add. Happy earning guys. Please like, share and subscribe 🙂

Any comments?

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