earn by shrinking urls : bc.vc

earn by shrinking urls : bc.vc

All my shared links are in bc.vc this site offers shrinking URL services. Long links will be converted to shorter one. After links were converted, the links are ready to share with all kinds of websites.

When the shrunk links were clicked, the viewers of the link should finish the timer of the ad, and click skip ad so that the registered member who shared the link will get the credit of earning!
Tip: before sharing your shrunk links, please give instructions on how they will be redirected to the real pages they should be going.
Ex. Of this ^: “please wait for the timer ends and click ad to continue download”
In that way your viewers won’t leave the ad because they were informed that to continue to the page they were going, they should finish the timer first and click the skip ad button to be redirected!
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