Ethtrade.org Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

If you’re roaming around the web to look for some investment sites. I’m sure you’ve already stumbled upon Ethtrade.org. But whenever you do, I’m sure your question would always be like this — “is it legit or is it just another scam?”. If you haven’t encountered this site at all, it would be nice to read this still.

Today, please allow me to give you the most honest review about this site. If you have time and had experienced investing with this site, please do comment and share your experience too.
So I started having my first investment at ethtrade.org on April 28, 2017. Technically, it’s just been 2 months. Their minimum holding period is 60 days if you wanted to get your profit without any commissions or any fees. Of course, before I would write about something, I always make sure that I had a first-hand experience prior to comment about it.
Based on my experience, they are PAYING (NOW THEY’RE NOT). The Reason I concluded that is because I was able to get my payout on the expected time frame that they gave everyone. At the same time, I have friends who use the same site to earn money, and they’ve been using it for a year already. We have an online and offline community in Cavite which makes communication between investors and the company itself. This community that I’m talking about is being recognized by ethtrade.org as the leader needs to apply for it first before building a team/community.
So here, I’ll just give you the things you may need to know:
  1. The minimum deposit is 10 USD, you can deposit using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD. When you use Bitcoin or Ethereum, they’ll provide you a specific wallet address where the money should be sent while in USD there are other payment methods which is shown in the photo below:
  2. You’ll earn up to 15 – 25 % passive income per month. Since they don’t trade during weekends they don’t have revenue for two days. Based on my earnings I had 22% earnings for 60 days including weekends. I deposited 0.01 BTC and withdrawn 0.0122 BTC:
  3. Earnings are given on a daily basis and it varies every day depending on the trading results for the previous day.
  4. When you invest, always make sure to enable the “Auto reinvestment” feature so that the accrued profit will be summed up with your current investment. Don’t worry, this doesn’t extend your holding period of 60 days.
  5. You can withdraw your earnings anytime, but they collect commissions from it. If you want to sell the whole amount (the initial investment and the accrued daily profits) you should wait for 60 days so that you won’t have to pay for commissions. Another thing you need to know, you can withdraw the daily accrued profits without commissions as long as you will not include the initial deposits. Here is a sample below:
    cryptalk philippines: Ethtrade.org Review
  6. The minimum withdrawal is also 10 USD and it takes about 3-5 business days for them to complete the payment.
  7. They have a Telegram Bot that sends a notification every time you log in, you receive your daily profit or when your withdrawal request was placed and completed. You have different options on how you get notifications from the settings:
  8. They have multi-levels of referral incentives:
Those are some of the key features of Ethtrade.org. For me, it’s really cool, secure and easy to use. Not only that, the minimum deposit is quite low and the profit it gives is not that much, meaning it’s more realistic for the company to share. Take note, most scam sites is giving more unrealistic values, the lower the ROI, the more realistic it is.
I have added more investments to this site and as of the moment, they are getting more revenue. Not too low, not too high, but just stable enough to sustain my satisfaction.
You can send me a message thru IM services floating on top if you have other questions how to set up an investment with Ethtrade.org. If you also have something to share about this company, please write us a comment. Like and share the good news and subscribe for more. Take care!

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Miely is a working mom that writes during free time about personal thoughts and experiences. She loves sharing things that may be useful for other people too.
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