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Get Your Free MasterCard Debit in Philippines

One of the things you may need in money making online is to have a verified PayPal account. That is needed for you to receive your earnings. It’s very easy to set up a PayPal Account but it’s not easy to verify the account if you don’t have any credit or debit card.

In the Philippines not everyone has a credit card because the approval process is not really easy. In other countries, it’s necessary for them to have a credit card. So that’s why it would be easy for them to verify their PayPal Accounts.
One of the alternatives that is being used to verify their PayPal is to get a prepaid or debit card. Usually those kind of cards has a lot of fees such as annual fee(like credit cards), withdrawal and deposit/reload fees.

I actually want to share how I got a free MasterCard Debit which you can use for verifying your PayPal. Yes, there’s still something free in this world.



NTRUST – this is the company where I got my free MasterCard Debit. They are collaborating with Security Bank here in the Philippines, which is their card issuer. Since it’s a known bank I think it’s trustworthy.
So for you to get a free MasteCard Debit here are the steps that you may need to follow:



Step 1 – Go to NTRUST SITE and Sign Up. 



miely is online : Ntrust Sign Up



Step 2 – Activate your account with your email.


Miely is online : Activate Ntrust account



Step 3 – Set Up Your Profile


Miely is online: Set up ntrust profile



Step 4 – Wait for your account to be approved


Ntrust will send you an email once it’s approved.



Step 5 – Once it’s approved. Request for your free MasterCard



Miely is online: Request a free master card



Step 6 – For you to proceed with your request. You need to verify your identity. (I believe it is required by the card issuer)



Miely is online : Verify your identity



Once it’s done. Your card will be delivered within 10 – 15 days via Air21. This set up of account is done in the Philippines. You can also request in other countries such as: Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. Process may be different but everything is informed on their website.



I got my card last year, but it was left dormant because I just used it for verifying my Paypal account. I use a different method in receiving money with Paypal. What I use is my personal account.



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UPDATE: 07-07-2017

NTRUST now has a bitcoin Wallet. This update should have been posted a while ago. 🙂






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