I missed blogging: A summary of year 2018

What a busy latter part of the year 2018. Isn’t a great year? It was pretty fast though. The year is about to end and yet I am still busy in doing so many things. The focus are rambling because I feel like I have to rush a lot. I am viewing an online course at coursera.org when I just suddenly missed writing. I’ve been so transparent on my last posts that I am wanting to move to freelancing on 2019. That’s why my lists are loaded of stuff like “look for clients”, “look for online jobs”, take online courses for certifications, build social media presence and a lot lot more! Btw, I’ll do a pro bono for my co bloggers who has been following my blog. Will post it on new year. 🥰 Let’s dive in to my year 2018 As what I am saying this year seems to be pretty fast. But I have seen a lot of good things despite of the bad things happened. The part of the year I hated the most My job is at risk because I just can’t take how everything goes in this company. We’ll just keep the why as a … Continue reading I missed blogging: A summary of year 2018

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