Happy 6 Months Mikayla Athena

Happy 6 month Mikayla


March 29 2018 – We celebrated Mikayla’s 6th month birthday. We had a family dinner at Kenny Roger’s Roasters.
At Kenny Rogers Roasters

It was just a quick small dinner. We are so excited for Mikayla to reach her 6th month because my mother is stopping us from letting her try food because she keeps on saying that Mikay is not yet 6 months old. Finally she can eat solids officially by now.

If you’ll see the picture above she really wanted to start eating while her dad is still trying to catch a perfect groupie.

After dinner, we went straight ahead of The Store to buy her a weaning spoon and food bowl. I really wanted to get her a chair for eating but she still can’t sit on her own so we didn’t get her one.

Training Cup and Weaning Set

For less than 400 PHP, I was able to buy her a spill proof training cup and a weaning set( non-slip bowl with 2 compartment and small plastic spoon).

I like the baby products of Looney Tunes because they are cheap but high quality. The only thing is I ended up being annoyed with the lid of the training cup because it keeps on bumping on Mikayla’s forehead.

We actually tried these immediately the next day. My baby really enjoyed eating. I’m sure she is so happy reaching her 6 months. I wish she stays healthy and pretty as always. I’m sure she’ll grow up smart and bright as well just like her kuya.

~ Miely

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