How I Use My Evernote as a Blogger

Blogging sometimes can be overwhelming. There are tons of tasks, ideas and topics that will bombard you whenever you think of doing it. I’ve been experiencing it a lot more than what you can think of. Simply because I am an over thinker. I tend to get so many ideas to the point that I could just lose them in just a snap. I usually get some pen and paper to jot down my ideas and outlines but I don’t have them all the time. At the end of the day, I’d still forgot about what I’ve been thinking of. With the help of technology, we are now capable of jotting things down and capture all ideas with just our smartphones and computers. These said devices are for sure with us all the time, no doubt with that. Having that said, we can make sure that there would be no more missed ideas or topics that our minds can come up with. There are a lot of apps and different tools that we can use to capture ideas, organize our thoughts, manage our tasks and write down whatever we can think of. However, not all apps are the same and not … Continue reading How I Use My Evernote as a Blogger

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