How To Set Up Your Tenda AC11 (AC1200) Gigabit MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router

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How to Set Up Tenda AC 11 Wi-Fi Router

When I first got my Tenda AC11 Gigabit MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router, I thought it’s going to be hard to set up. I received the item from Lazada, and the packaging is all in Chinese, even the manual is on Chinese.

For some who are not that techy or resourceful enough, may find it hard to set up the device. Good thing, I’m quite familiar with doing so. 

Today is just going to be a quick post on how to set up your Tenda AC11. If you’re looking for the review of this router you can check my previous post.

Setting Up Your Tenda AC11 (AC1200) Gigabit MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router

In this post, I’ll show you a guide on how to set up this thing as a router and as a Wi-Fi extender with Dynamic IP. The only difference between the two is that: Setting it up as a router requires a LAN cable and Wi-Fi extender needs to detect the current Wi-Fi network to extend the reach.

On the latter part of the post, I’ll also share the other settings you can play around on this Tenda AC11 Gigabit MU-MIMO Router.

How to Set Up Tenda AC11 as a Wi-Fi Router

Tenda AC11 Wi-Fi Wireless Settings

Step 1 – Open your Tenda AC11 router

This router doesn’t have any default password. As soon as you open it you have to connect it with your device. It should route you to a browser and ask you to set up the name (SSID) and the password for your Wi-Fi. Take note the password is for the Wi-Fi, not the router.

Initially, the router doesn’t have any passwords too.

If after connecting, you weren’t routed to the setup page you can simply go to the router settings which is at or tendawifi.com (this can be accessed without an internet connection.

Step 2 – Secure your router’s access

Since this thing doesn’t have any admin password yet, you need to set it up to make sure no one else can get into your router without your permission.
To do that simply go to tendawifi.com and go to “Administration”, you’ll see where to set up your router’s admin password.

Step 3 – Configuring your router’s mode

How to setup a Wi-Fi Router

If you’re doing this step by step you should still be at the router’s settings. To configure the mode simply go to “Internet Settings” choose “Router” under “Operating Mode”.

Then, set the internet connection to “Dynamic IP Address” under “Internet Connection > Connection Type”. I prefer using dynamic IP so that the router can simply assign an IP address to our devices, which can avoid any conflicts for having multiple devices.

Step 4 – Connect the router to your modem.

Tenda Router Status

As mentioned you need an Ethernet Cable to connect your router to the internet. To do this you just simply have to connect your cable on any LAN port of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) Modem and connect the other end to the WAN port of your Tenda AC11 router.

Wait for a few seconds and check the “Status” on your Tenda router’s settings. It should show you three icons(Internet, My Router and Devices) in Green. Then it should say, “Connected. If you don’t see anything like that on your router, simply reboot the device by going under the “Administration” tab.

How to Set Up Tenda AC11 as Wi-Fi Extender

First thing you need to do is to follow the Step 1 and 2 above this.

How to Set Up Wi-Fi Extender

Step – 3 Configuring your device as Wi-Fi Extender

Once again go to the router’s settings (tendawifi.com). Go under the “Internet Settings” tab and choose “Universal Repeater”.

It will show you a list of available Wi-Fi networks. All you need to do is look for your existing Wi-Fi network. If your existing Wi-Fi has a password, it will ask you to enter it. I haven’t tried this for hidden networks

After connecting, it will set up for a few minutes and reboot on its own. Then you’re good to go!

Note for this mode

Using this router as Wi-Fi extender limits the features of your Tenda AC11, here are the following missing features I noticed:

  • The mobile app doesn’t work for this mode
  • Parental control
  • Sleeping Mode
  • Advanced Settings
  • Guest Mode
  • and Bandwidth limiting controls

Other settings and features I enjoy with my Tenda Wi-Fi Router

Bandwidth Control

Online devices view of Tenda Router Settings
You can check here online devices and set their bandwidth limit. You can also add and remove blacklisted devices.

This setting is accessible at tendawifi.com or using their Tenda Mobile App. It allows you to change the name of connected devices and be able to change the upload and download speed limit of a specific device. 

Also, you have an option there to blacklist a device. I use it to scare my niece so they will follow orders from me. HAHAHA. “Do this … or else, I’ll disconnect you on your Wi-Fi”.

Guest Network

This allows you to set up a Wi-Fi network for guests. You can set also set a bandwidth limit, however, I noticed that the limit only applies to the download speed. Upload speed remains the same.

You may want to use this feature if you don’t want your guests to have access to other devices you use with your home Wi-Fi network like printers, TV or smart whatever(lights, smart electronics, and stuff).

Parental Controls

This feature gives you an authority to allow/disallow a specific device from accessing specified websites. There’s also an option to set a time when the device can connect to the internet. 

Tenda AC11 Parental Controls
I personally prefer just the timer access. I leave website restrictions as disabled.

To set it up, go under “Parental Controls”. Enable the Manage option on the device. Then set the time and date as to when your kids must have internet access. Leave the Website restrictions if you just allow them to browse anything. Otherwise, set an allow or disallow websites. But I don’t think site restrictions are necessary especially for young ones.

This is really an amazing feature for a mom like me.

Preferred Band (Wireless Settings)

Initially, your router has two SSID, one for the 2.4Ghz and the other one is 5Ghz. Preferred band, when enabled, allows you to connect to a compatible and strongest band for your device. However, if you use smart devices like smart bulbs, speakers and other IoT, you may wanna disable this feature.

The thing is most smart home devices only connects on 2.4Ghz. Yes preferred band will detect that the only compatible band for them is 2.4 Ghz. However if you’re controlling these smart devices on your phone that sometimes may connect to 5 Ghz, it can cause some connectivity issues between your phone and smart home devices.

Remote Access to your Router

You can register for an account with Tenda using the mobile app, so you can access your router even you’re away. As long as you have an internet connection, you can still control your Wi-Fi network. (So far I only tried this on the app, I’m not sure if it works or how it works on the web version.)

Why use this? Well if you’re a busy working parent and kids at home are uncontrollably exploiting the Wi-Fi, you can access your router setting and disable their access. LOL!

Mobile App Gallery

  • List of Tenda Devices detected
  • Wi-Fi Optimization on the app
  • Guest Wi-fi
  • Guest Wi-Fi Bandwidth Limit
  • Remote Account for our Tenda AC11 Wi-Fi router
  • Functions you can see from the Tenda app
  • List of devices connected on Tenda Wi-Fi
  • Device Info

Wrap Up

So far, those are the most used features and settings on our home. I’m not familiar with the other complex features. But if you’re looking for specific settings on this device before buying one, I made a screenshot of the advanced settings 😉.

If you haven’t got a Tenda AC11 MU-MIMO Gigabit Router you can get it from Lazada or Amazon. To support this blog you can buy it by clicking the banner below as this provides a little commission that can help this site running.

Check out my Tenda AC 11 Wi-Fi Router Review! Find this helpful? Help us spread this post by simply sharing it to your social media and please subscribe for more!



Miely is a working mom that writes during free time about personal thoughts and experiences. She loves sharing things that may be useful for other people too.

Blog Comments

Thank you so much for this guide. It’s really helpful. My Tenda AC11 just got delivered today and I used your guide to set it up as wifi router. So far, the router is working great!

Hi thanks for your feedback 😍

I just bought tendan ac11.

I would like to know how did you replaced your pldt fiber modem to tendan ac11?

Your response is a big help.

Hi I didn’t totally replace our ISP’s router because that will be used for the internet connection source. You just have to connect a lan cable from router to tenda. So technically we are using both routers. The one from ISP and the tenda router. Once your tenda is set up via lan you can just turn off your ISP’s wifi broadcasting. You can follow the instructions on this post 🥰

Thanks for dropping by please subscribe:

How will i replace my pldt fiber modem with this product? Because the size of telephone cable doesnt fit to the modem? Thanks.

You cant replace your pldt modem with this. It’s just an additional router for better wifi distribution. You have to use LAN cables to connect your pldt modem to tenda.

Are you kidding me? Website filtering is a MUST when you have kids. It’s the same reason you don’t allow them to freely roam around the mall or anywhere alone.

Did I stop anyone to use it? When you have kids… Based on my experience with 4 young children at home and even two teenagers none of them are really interested in browsing the web using a browser. In this modern days where tons of apps are available on their devices rarely of them would use a browser to literally browse the web. They use youtube, facebook, instagram and app store to download games. Would you be expecting younger ones to browse the net as if they are roaming the mall? No, malls works differently with the web. Web can be accessed with knowledge of at least typing the keyword they want to go to.. while at mall without being conscious they can walk or run towards something they can already see. Once again for younger ones they would’ve probably asked their parents to type in the keyword or the site they want to go to. That’s why for me it’s not necessary to have it enabled for YOUNGER ONES. That doesn’t mean I am stopping for them to use it. So I don’t know which part I must be kidding.

Hi, i tried your guide but when i access my router page using or tendawifi.com. either of 2 is not working.

Hi are you sure you’re using tenda router. Because that’s what we’re using to access it and on their official site that was the one stated. Maybe you can try checking the app or the manual if it has a different address for your device

Any comments?

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