My kids just made me feel better!

Even some of the photos were blurry, I still loved it so much. These photos were just sent to me by my mom via Facebook messenger.

It is Saturday today, yet I have to work. My day off falls every Wednesday and Thursday. It’s weird but it’s normal for people who works in a call center.

I’m honestly starting to have a bad day because I got an email feedback that was so exaggerated and somewhat incorrect. I do love getting feedback in some ways but it makes me freak out when I get and exaggerated ones. I wanted to verify some of the feedback I received by checking some of my records but I just can’t access it that is why I am almost hyperventilating in madness.

I received a notification that there were some photos sent to me. I’m sure it was photos of my kiddos. And yes it was. This just reverted my negativeness to happiness. I wished to get more photos like this every time I’m getting pissed off.



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Any comments?

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