Late update! ‘ my baby’s birthday!

Last june 26,2012 , my baby Alex Zeus(A.Z.) had his 1st birthday celebration. We gave him a simple party , simple because of lack of budget. We held the party at our little home @ 4pm, we offered a mini buffet and turned on a music. The music was banging out while everyone enjoys the meal and celebrating the 1st year of my son’s existence. Not only us and visitors enjoys the party but also the birthday celebrant, he smiles , he eat and he dance together with his visitors. He doesn’t literally dance, but he waves his hands and arms just like he were dancing. My father bought him a cake as a gift to him, we lit the candle of the cake. A baby can’t make a wish and blow a candle by himself and so I did the wishing and blowing part for him. Before I blow his candle I made a wish, I wished him to have a good health, great wisdom and knowledge, and a good heart not only for his own but also for the others. The celebration lasted for 8 hours, a big question of how it lasted for 8 hrs even though we’re having only 3 variants of food. Well it’s because of the visitors(boys), they contributed for buying their drinks(alcoholic drinks). The approximate number of bottles contributed by the visitors are 6 huge bottles of brandy. I as the host of the part also provided 2 bottles. They all cheered for my baby and they are also thankful for him. Before the night ends we prayed, thanked and ask God’s blessings for him.



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Happy belated birthday baby Alex, and many many happy wonderful returns. Thank you Miel for updating us, and many blessings to you.

tnx for your greetings, gud luck and take care… ü

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