Full Review : Coins.PH (Best Payments Services and Bitcoin Wallet in the Philippines)

Full Review : Coins.PH (Best Payments Services and Bitcoin Wallet in the Philippines)

Welcome to my Coins.ph Full Review

Many Filipinos are now using coins.ph as one of the major tools to make money. They use it for sending and receiving money. Some are using it for buying a load and paying bills with rebates. But there are some people who are still questioning the legitimacy of this website. So in this post, I'll be discussing why I quoted coins.ph as the "Best Payments Services and Bitcoin Wallet in the Philippines"
ethtrafe.org website has shutdown

Ethtrade’s website has already shut down, so where are they now? *Must See*

I've been a member of Ethtrade.org since April, that has not been so long, unlike others who have been part of it for more than a year or something.
Recently, they have announced the fall of our portfolios to 60% loss. I was shocked but not that much because my investments were not too big. Though as an investor, we always keep in mind that there's always a risk in any investment that we do. However, there's a lot of people who are new in investing that is why they are reacting negatively.
Coins.ph list of supported cryptocurrency wallets

Coins.ph will try their best to support Bitcoin Cash soon!

Hey guys, it's been a while again. This is an announcement I received via email from coins.ph . If you are a member already you might have received the email already. I know some people don't read emails a lot that's why I'm posting it.
So on July 30, 2017, they sent an email prior to the Biggest day of Bitcoin history, which is the fork. They said on their blog post that coins.ph will not be supporting Bitcoin Cash.


ethtrade.org statement about the bitcoin fork

Finally, Ethtrade.org gave their statement about “Bitcoin Fork” that is about to happen!

Today, many people are getting prepared for the SegWit or so called soft fork that is about to happen. SegWit should be completed by August 1st and if not a hard fork or Bitcoin Unlimited may also happen which means it could split the blockchain into two. It could be more complicated to adjust with if that happens. But let's see what Ethrade has to say about the current situation.
segwit and bitcoin unlimited in layman's term

SegWit and Bitcoin Unlimited in Layman’s Term

Hey, guys! I know I promised this to be posted in the morning, but I wasn't able to and I'm sorry about that. Anyway, I'm here to discuss what is SegWit (which means Segregated Witness) and Bitcoin Unlimited in layman's term.
I know you've been reading a lot about it recently since they said the deadline for the implementation of either this two would be on August 1st. This has been a topic for years now, so I'm sure that this has been studied well by the people and community who are trying to implement this solution.
Just to inform you guys, what I'm about to share is my own understanding about the things I have read about, so if you could share some deeper thought about it feel free to do so by dropping a comment below.
august 1st for bitcoin

What’s with August 1st and Bitcoin?

The news about August 1st for Bitcoin seems to be a very big issue at the moment. I've been reading about news and articles about it, but I'm a bit confused until now.
I'm using Bitcoin for a while now and as a casual user, I never thought of the difference of it from other fiat currencies. To tell you guys this is my understanding about Bitcoin ever since: It is a digital currency, that uses private keys that protect my privacy when transacting; it has an open ledger for visibility of transactions whether it has completely been processed or not; It has limited supplies that can have a higher price when demand is going up; It is not literally mined by miners (just like gold), thus transactions made are being completed by the miners(which is run by high powered computers) for some sort of reward from miner fees or somewhat called transaction fees; lastly It's something that I can use to trade and make money. That is all ever since.
What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

 Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

I have been loving bitcoins for months now or maybe a year already. And I have tried so many things just to find the right ways to earn it. As I remembered, the value of it before was just around 10,000 PHP, but now it's almost 30,000 PHP. As of 12/17/17, it is around 970k PHP per Bitcoin. With less than a year its value increased enormously. Very unusual if you'll compare it with the regular currencies.
QoinPro Review

QoinPro: Review

QoinPro -- Is it still working? (Update as of 12/17/2017 - I found out that it's working and got improved!)

Hey, guys! How are you? Thanks for dropping by. I just want to give you a quick update about QoinPro.
earn money online

5 Ways to Earn Money Online

There are so many ways to earn money online and there are so many ways to be scammed as well. I have been scammed before by an investment schemed program online and I don't want that to happen to me or anyone else again. So I have here a list of five ways to earn money online without being scammed at all.


top 5 bitcoin faucet

Top 5 Best Bitcoin Faucets

One of the best ways to earn money online is to collect bitcoins. This 2015 bitcoin is a boom! The value of it is getting higher this end of the year.

So I think this is the best time to share you guys the top list of Bitcoin Faucets for us to start maximizing them and earn more bitcoins. So let's start with our countdown.

bticoin cryptocurrency

Bitcoin: My New Pal

Bitcoin is my new pal!!!

Before, I'm so in love with clicking ads for me to get paid. Now, I got my new bestie in earning some money online. That is Bitcoin. I just discovered it few months ago, though I've seen so many things about it a year ago (I don't get my sense in telling that haha). It's just so happened that I wasn't interested about it before and at the same time I don't get how it works. It's also creepy at first.
Now that I know what it is and how it works, I would like to share my simple thoughts about it for everyone to understand it more quickly and be able to start earning as soon as they understood how it works.