I’ll never ever go to Olongapo for hospitalization especially giving birth ever. Everyone should be aware how this hospital made my life miserable. I hope this post will reach the authorities. I really wanted to sue them right now for doing this to me but I’m so incapable that’s why I’ll be writing it instead. I hope that I can just fight for my right. I hope I just knew it back then.

I am working in BGC Taguig and I live in Cavite. My husband decided to work in his home town in Masinloc Zambales. I tried to work and board alone in Makati, so I can get enough funds for my high risk pregnancy. I have hyperthyroidism and asthma which appeared to be active during my pregnancy.

I had so many maintenance meds just to keep my baby well. During my 5th month my condition is getting more active so I decided to go on Sick leave for 2 mos before taking another 2 months of maternity leave. I decided to stay in Zambales together with my husband and son.

I had my check ups done at Our Lady of Lourdes International Medical Center in Olongapo (which happens to be two to three hours away from Masinloc Zambales). I decided to have my check ups there since that’s the only accredited hospital that I was able to find.

On my check ups I was informed that I had to give birth in the hospital due to high risk conditions. At first the doctor set my expectation that the package for Painless Delivery would be around 25k. I purchased all prescriptions and continued having my check ups there every 2 weeks. After few more consultations the doctor advised me that the estimated amount for delivery would be around 35k. That was a great increase for me, but I trusted them.

I am afraid of giving birth in a public hospital since I saw my sister being brought to Fabella Memorial Hospital and the attendants were VERY RUDE. I have very low pain tolerance and I don’t know what will happen if they’ll treat me that way when I’m in pain. So I thought I should really stick in Our Lady of Lourdes International Medical Hospital which is a private hospital.

My SSS maternity benefits was given to me in advance, I was able to use most of it for my maintenance, fare for going back and forth to the hospital, supplements and other things I needed for my pregnancy. My husband can only provide food to me that time so I really had no choice but to spend my maternity benefits.

I gave birth in September 29, 2018. A baby girl named Mikayla. Her father was so excited to sign the Certificate of Live of Birth so that our baby will bear his last name which he wasn’t able to do for our first child.

Our baby was born well and was monitored for almost a day at their NICU. She was given back to us and was advised that she’s doing well. So we decided to ask them to finalize our billing. This was shocking because the bill was around 60k+ . 17000 was covered by my company and around 6000+ covered by PhilHealth. The remaining balance was around 37k which is still above the expected amount.

Our money that time is just around 20k+ because I am really expecting it to be around 35k less my benefits. I was told by my friends who gave birth at the hospitals that the expected amount that is being given by the doctors are quite accurate so I thought it was but it’s not.

After few hours, my baby turned yellowish. We were advised by the doctor that we should put our baby back to NICU. I would have said yes but they told us that since we had our bills finalized we have to pay 5000 PHP as a deposit for them to attend to my baby. I told the doctor that we have no funds, we tried to ask if they can attend to her but they said that we really have to pay the deposit. The doctor advised me that the condition of my baby may be critical so I asked for my baby to be transferred to a public hospital.

They won’t accept promissory at first even we have to transfer our baby to a different hospital. They told my husband’s mom that they won’t allow me to leave unless settled so they suggested for me to stay and let my husband and my baby leave to get medical attention from a different hospital. We can’t do that so we had a long conversation with their admin until they finally agreed.

Before we left the place the admin officer told me that I should be the one to register my daughter’s birth certificate no one else than ME. She told me that I should do it within 30 days and that I have to pay 700 PHP on PSA for the affidavit. She said that it is the new process for unmarried couples if the baby was acknowledged by the father. I tried to argue because my sister gave birth in June 2018 with similar situation as mine but the hospital did process the registration. But they insisted.

After staying there for 3 days, finally they accepted our promissory. It seemed like they wanted our bills to run further before they’ll accept it. We transferred to Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Hospital in Iba Zambales.

Even though our baby was new born they told us that the ones who were been delivered in the hospital were the only ones who are allowed in NICU. They had our baby stayed at their ward since that is the only room that has Phototherapy available aside from NICU. My baby stayed there for 15 days because aside from hyperbilirubinemia, she also acquired Pneumonia which is the common condition of most of the children within the ward.

We are so exhausted that time but so thankful that she finally made it. We are able to get back home. My husband was with me all along so we had a lot of debts to survive everything because no one of us had any means to earn money. I had to borrow some money from my mom again to settle my bills at the hospital. It took days for me to finally get an approval for my mom to lend me money.

She gave me an exact amount, it was the 30th day of my baby. I am supposed to do the registration. I tried to go to medical records so I could get the Birth Certificate and register it first and pay out some parts of our outstanding balance. The officer told me that they cannot release the birth certificate unless the balance is settled. That was never on the agreement that I signed as far as I could remember but they said it’s part of the verbal agreement. I tried to ask if maybe I can lack at least 1000 so I can pay the affidavit at PSA which they told me to be around 700+ PHP . They said they can’t do that.

I had no choice but to pay them the only amount that was left on me was 20 pesos, not enough for my fare from Olongapo to Masinloc. So I called my husband to wait me on the bus stop to pay for my fare. They gave me three copies of UNREGISTERED Certificate of Live Birth with signatures and advised me to go to PSA and register it myself.

I have to go back in Cavite, and later got back to work. I’m paying out debts, monthly bills, and regular expenses at home, for my kids and for my conditions. I can’t get back to Olongapo unless I have enough funds to pay for everything and settle my daughter’s birth certificate. It has been 6 months since I gave birth, I haven’t moved a thousand out of our debts. I haven’t been able to save up at least a hundred pesos for this. Now our company who did pay our SSS benefits in advance will deduct the amount that they advanced for my Maternity benefit if I am unable to complete this in April 13 2018. I don’t know how to go about it and how much money and time should I spend for this to be processed. I hope I can seek assistance from those who are capable and more knowledgeable about my situation. I am sharing the whole story to reach out these authorities that I can get help with.

I found some information from PSA’s website that this should’ve been processed by the hospital:

Who are responsible to report the occurrence of birth to the Local Civil Registry Office?

  1. When the birth occurred in the hospital or clinic or in a similar institution, the administrator thereof shall be responsible in causing the registration of such birth. However , the attendant at birth shall certify the facts of birth.
  2. When the birth did not occur in the hospital or clinic or in a similar institution, the physician, nurse, midwife, ‘hilot’ or anybody who attended the delivery of the child shall be responsible both in certifying the facts of births and causing the registration of such birth.
  3. In default of the hospital/clinic administrator or attendant at birth, either parents of the child shall cause the registration of the birth.
  4. When the birth occurs aboard a vehicle, vessel, or airplane while in transit, registration of the said birth shall be a joint responsibility of the driver, captain or pilot and the parents, at the case maybe.

Sorry for the long write up. Please share. Thanks!

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