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This blog is my dedicated space to be helpful. You can see me as a friend sharing you what I’ve tried. I love buying stuff online especially with Lazada, but doing so requires me to trust a product I’ve never seen. My goal is to share what I found so that you’ll have some sort of guides for decision making but all in all, it’s about personal experiences.


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how to open a savings account on unionbank mobile app

Open a Personal Bank Account Using Unionbank’s Mobile App

By Miel / October 30, 2019 / 12 Comments
A lot of us wanted to save up but never had time to go to the bank and open a separate account for our savings. Usually, it is because of the banking schedules, long lines or branch is just too...
All you need to know about Gcash Invest Money - Mielygraphy

All you need to know about GCash Invest Money

By Miel / June 17, 2019 / 24 Comments
Last month, I finally had a chance to enable the GCash Invest Money feature on my account. I wasn't able to get it done in the past because after some app updates my fully verified status was wiped out. I...
Internet Service Review: Converge in Cavite

Converge FiberX in Cavite | A must-read review! Updated 2020

By Miel / May 9, 2019 / 78 Comments
Please read till the end as I update this blog post from time to time to share our overall experience with Converge ICT. Geez, I've been thinking about titling this post for almost an hour. Cavite version is just weird...
Just got approved for GCredit

Just got approved for GCredit

By Miel / June 11, 2018 / 42 Comments
  Recently, I've been receiving a lot of views regarding my old post about GCASH. It seems that the searches were all about GCredit and GScore. Because of that, I'm going to share my experience with the approval of my GCredit....
GCash Review: All you need to Know!

Globe GCash Mobile Payments Full Review (Updated)

By Miel / May 12, 2018 / 18 Comments
GCash Review - All you need to know Get P50 GCash to buy load, pay bills, and many more. Click here to register! Hi Everyone! Today, I'm going to give a full review of Globe GCash. You may be reading this...
How to Set Up Tenda AC 11 Wi-Fi Router

How To Set Up Your Tenda AC11 (AC1200) Gigabit MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router

By Miel / June 11, 2019 / 23 Comments
When I first got my Tenda AC11 Gigabit MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router, I thought it's going to be hard to set up. I received the item from Lazada, and the packaging is all in Chinese, even the manual is on Chinese. For...
Start your 2020 Goals with UnionBank

Kick Start Your Goals with UnionBank App

By Miel / December 30, 2019 / 14 Comments
Happy new year everyone! I am doing a rush post on holiday to get y'all informed about this new feature that was released on the most recent update of the UnionBank App. Introducing Goals!Kick start your financial goals this 2020!...

Tenda AC11 MU-MIMO|AC1200 Wi-Fi Router(Review)

By Miel / May 27, 2019 / 23 Comments
Last time I posted an initial review about Converge FiberX 1500 in Cavite and mentioned that their router isn't the coolest router provided to us by an internet service provider that's why it needs a little boost. That boost is...
Citibank Simplicity+ Visa Credit Card Application Review

My Citibank Simplicity+ Credit Card Application Review

By Miel / November 13, 2018 / 71 Comments
A credit card is the last thing you should have if you wanted financial freedom or if you wanna get out debts. However, there are instances in our lives that we have emergency expenses. It can be alarming and hard...
Mielygraphy Reviews: Romantic Baboy Unlimited Korean Grill in Bacoor

Romantic Baboy(Unli Korean BBQ) Bacoor

By Miel / January 8, 2019 / 3 Comments
We finally had a chance in trying out some newly opened hang out places like Romantic Baboy just within the city of Bacoor and I'll be writing the most detailed review you could possibly see on the web. If you...

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