What is PTR or Paid to Read

What is PTR or Paid to Read

PTR means paid to read, it is similar with PTC but PTR provides ads thru email. Joining to some PTR sites will allow you to receive emails with paid ads. You can view this ad by reading it from your personal email inbox or from your inbox of particular ptr site.

PTR sites don’t just offer paid to read, but also paid to click, paid to promote, paid to sign up and much more. Though many PTR sites offer many ways to earn, they are still the lowest earner sites online. What’s best with PTR is that many of them offer “no minimum cash-outs”, that means you can withdraw your earnings whenever you want to. And though it is very slow to make huge bucks with these, there’s still nothing to loose on reading emails from different PTR sites daily.

It is very easy and convenient to use because paid ads from ptr sites are not in forced view mode. Meaning to say the timer still runs while you’re in the other window or tab, unlike on PTC the timer stops every time you get out of the ad page. Very convenient because you can probably view your paid emails thru your mobile browser(built-in browser, opera mini, UC browser) just like what I DO. I just read the emails from them, click the paid ad and count 1-whatever is indicated time to the ad and refresh(because of mobile browser don’t redirect automatically), and when the page said that I have been credited it’s done and ready for the next email.

Isn’t nice? For me, yes, because I commonly use my mobile phone!

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