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Quick App Review: Pocket Expense For iOS

Okay, so I guess I am enjoying writing some app reviews for iOS users. Should I change my blog’s title and everything??? Nah! I’m just kidding.

Today, I am going to have a review of the Pocket Expense app from the app store. This is a free app that offers some in-app purchase that is not really necessary. I guess.

So I have downloaded this last week together with so many other expense tracking apps from the App Store. I actually uninstalled them all except for this app. I find it very useful.

This app is for people who always wonders where their money goes.

I uninstalled other apps because most of them are lacking features and there are a lot of limitations which can only be minimized by purchasing a subscription or pro versions. When you’re budgeting I guess people wouldn’t really wanted to spend on apps. Right?

So why I like this app?

First of all, there’s no limitations. I was able to add three accounts already. I believe you can add as many as you can if you do have savings, debit card, credit card or checking account. Other apps allow you to just have one or two.

App review of pocket expense for iOS

You’ll also have day to day view of your incoming and outgoing transactions on the app’s calendar. Not only day to day but also your total income, expenses and left balance for that specific month.

App review of pocket expense for iOS

Below the dates are the summarized transactions for that day. Green is for income and red is for expenses.

There are also graphical representation of your transactions. You can use the cash flow feature to see a line graph.

App review of pocket expense for iOS

In this feature you can just have a glance and realize that you’re over spending than what you are earning.

They also have a pie chart that shows you the categories. It allows you to understand if where you spend a lot.

App review of pocket expense for iOS

With other apps these kinds of charts are part of the premium versions only while with Pocket Expense you can use it for free.

Another thing you can set up is the bills.

App review of pocket expense for iOS

I haven’t really seen how it will go, but here I placed a bill for school bus service it is set to be due on the 14th and it’s a monthly recurring charge. I’ll update you with that next month.

There are other features that I haven’t used, but I am sure can be useful for others. That is creating a budget and checking your net worth. I don’t do budgets yet because I can’t take it yet haha.

App review of pocket expense for iOS

The app also syncs to your account with them. You can change the currency too. Their pro version app will take off the ads (ads only show when you’re online), you’ll also be able to back up and restore your data and export your date to a spreadsheet or pdf.

Not so usual for a mom or an individual. Maybe for offices it can be useful, but the free version is really enough for me.

The only thing that they have missed is the widget. You have to open the app every time you have a transaction.

Overall I like it. Hope this helps.


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