Mikayla Athena’s First Year of an Amazing Journey

September 29, we celebrated my baby girl’s 1st birthday. The gratefulness that I am feeling right now is really indescribable. There are many things happened since I gave birth to this beautiful baby girl. So many challenges that we have faced together. I’m just so thankful and blessed that we are able to get through it all. (more…)

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Mini feast for my son’s 6th birthday! 

It’s a very tiring day, yet still one of the bests and happiest moments for my son. Though today is not yet his birthday. We had an advanced birthday celebration for him.

We just moved and not yet encountered any neighbors and at the same time we don’t have big budgets for a big party due to having a complicated pregnancy. So it isn’t much called as a party. Well, I called it a feast. Few of our relatives came to give him best wishes. My aunt brought him cake. My uncle brought some ingredients for shabu-shabu but they came late, and everybody were full already. But tomorrow we’ll have it served.


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