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Evernote is my new all in one tool for blogging

evernote across all devices

To all my fellow bloggers and people who love’s taking notes and record information, I’m about to introduce to you my blogging and noting buddy. Say hi to Evernote! I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve seen this name. Evernote is quite well-known as a note taking app. But some people are quite confused about how to make the…

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Sweet Nothings

Weekly abouts #1: Why Do I Blog Random Topics

I’ve been blogging for a while but I feel like my readers are confused why I blog randomly or what my niche is. I am a defensive person sometimes, and I feel like I have to defend my blog from time to time. So I decided to write something about me or my blog every week until I get the…

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I’ll be doing a mobile blogging challenge!

Mobile Blogging Challenge Anyone here who blogs using mobile devices only? I haven’t really met one. But honestly, I’ve been doing that in the past. That was 6 years ago. Recently, I received a notification from WordPress. It was a greetings about my 6th anniversary with WordPress. Happy 6 years to us WordPress So yeah, I started 6 years ago…

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Monetize Blog in 3 Easy Ways

Monetizing blogs in 3 ways
miely / December 12, 2016

Been blogging for a while for nothing? Some bloggers have great readers great traffic, but just earning popularity. I think when you have those two factors, I think it is time for you to know how to monetize blogs. It is beneficial for you, especially when you pay your domain, your hosting or maybe your internet connection. I’m not sure…

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Q & A

3 Things to Know Before Creating a Blog

blog logos, wordpress, blogger, tumblr etc.

There are many people who create a blog every day without knowing what is the essence of blogging. That’s why you can find some blogs that have only 1 to 3 posts per year and some that have no sense at all. You might be reading this post right now because you are planning to have a blog or maybe…

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