I missed blogging: A summary of year 2018

What a busy latter part of the year 2018. Isn’t a great year? It was pretty fast though. The year is about to end and

My Citibank Simplicity+ Credit Card Application Review

Credit card is the least thing you should have if you wanted financial freedom or if you wanna get out debts. However, there are instances

Just got approved for GCredit

Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of views regarding¬†my old post about GCASH. It seems that the searches were all about GCredit and GScore. Because

Wise Usage of Credit Card

How should we use a credit card? Great question, huh? I just had my card for almost two months now and I think it’s still

BPI Express Start Credit Card Review Part II

Last time I actually shared you guys how you can avail the BPI Express Start Program.  Today, I am happy to tell you now that

BPI Express Start Credit Card Review

Through the years I have never been approved for a credit card despite not having any loans or whatsoever. After so many declined applications, I

Saving is the Best Key to Success!

Do you agree with the title? Well, I somehow agree and somehow not. But I think this would be best applicable for those people who

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