Wise Usage of Credit Card

How should we use a credit card? Great question, huh?

I just had my card for almost two months now and I think it’s still a question that I have. But before I actually applied for a credit card. I’ve already read so much things about it and what I have to share are some things they have said in common and my own experiences. (more…)


BPI Express Start Credit Card Review Part II

Last time I actually shared you guys how you can avail the BPI Express Start Program

Today, I am happy to tell you now that I already received the card way back 2nd of June. It got some delays on the delivery since I requested for the card to be delivered to the branch instead of having it delivered at home(by the way some banks like BDO doesn’t allow that). The reason is we live in a building and credit cards are required to be received by the owner or by the authorized person. I am working so definitely no one will receive it.



BPI Express Start Credit Card Review





Through the years I have never been approved for a credit card despite not having any loans or whatsoever. After so many declined applications, I got tired and stopped applying again. Until I found out that there’s a way to get approved for credit card applications by getting a Secured Credit Card.



Saving is the Best Key to Success!

Do you agree with the title?
Well, I somehow agree and somehow not. But I think this would be best applicable for those people who has a stable job, but still can’t succeed in having financial freedom and satisfying life.


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