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Don’t buy this kind of Milk Warmer from Lazada

miely / December 10, 2017

When it comes to online shopping, we usually buy from Lazada because of their fast shipping at the same time they have a wide range of affordable products. Last Dec 6, I ordered three items which are unbranded (or the most affordable ones). I ordered a milk warmer, an electric breast pump and a cloth nappy. As you can see in…

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Money Matters

Cash Backs While You Shop This Christmas!

shopback get rebates
miely / December 6, 2016

Shopping these days is quite harsh to our pockets. As much as possible, we want cash-backs, discounts, promos or any sort of thing that can let us save money. This Christmas, I’m sure you have tons of lists for your inaanak (godson/ goddaughter), children, cousins or anyone that you love. And having that sort of list may take time for…

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