ClixAddon : A plug in that makes you earn more

Hey There! How are you?     I've been talking about how to boost up your earnings on my previous post which you can find (here). One of the things I have mentioned there in #3. Download ptc sites toolbar/apps(if available) .        So there's an actual paid to click site that offers a toolbar … Continue reading ClixAddon : A plug in that makes you earn more

Top Paying Paid to Click Sites

Hey guys. I will just update this sooo out dated list of best paid to click site. Just click the banners to join for free.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Clixsense - this is one of the oldest and yet the best of all. Get paid for doing simple tasks, answering surveys and of course clicking … Continue reading Top Paying Paid to Click Sites

boost your ptc earnings


There are some effective ways to boost your PTC earnings. I will tell you some tips on how will it be possible to earn more on PTC sites. #1. Get some or lots of referrals. Having many referrals on your downline is one of the best ways to boost your earnings. Inviting your friends, classmates, … Continue reading BOOST YOUR PTC EARNINGS!

paid to click

what is ptc? : introduction

What is PTC? PTC is paid to click. Ptc sites provide payments to their members for clicking paid ads by advertisers who purchase advert space on the website. Meaning to say PTC sites don't fund their site just to pay their members, the advertisers are the one who actually pays the members of the PTC … Continue reading what is ptc? : introduction