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Gadgets are not supposed to be bad for kids
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Gadgets Aren’t Supposed To Be Bad For Kids

We all know gadgets and technology are now ruling the world. They are now calling kids as Generation X because at the earliest age, they are now capable of understanding and interacting with gadgets easily without even teaching them how to. I remember my son suddenly started navigating a Windows 8 computer at the age …

When your baby likes something else than their teether.
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When your baby likes something else than their teether

Baby knows best too. If you haven’t notice they know how to put themselves into the most comfortable position to sleep well. They know when to cry and notify us of their hunger or discomforts. They know a lot but they say it on their own ways. As they are about to start eating solids, …

Breast milk refusal
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Breast milk refusal made me so worried(and sad)!

  Mikayla is very cranky today. She’s crying hard and refusing my breast milk and me. This is so devastating for me as mother. I feel like she hates me because I’m working. It’s like I’m not being able to build a good relationship with her that’s why she’s refusing me.

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