Sundate @ Inbox Food Hub in Imus Cavite

Sundate @Inbox Food Hub Imus, Cavite

Feb 25 2018 — it was my first Sunday off at work this year. We had to take a rest day on Sunday due to shift transitions. My mother likes to spend dinners or lunches out whenever we are complete whether it's weekends or weekdays. And yes! We are complete for the weekend. We spent … Continue reading Sundate @Inbox Food Hub Imus, Cavite

I’m back… AGAIN?

Hey guys! I've been writing in this blog whenever I remembered that I have one. If you could see on the gaps it has really been a while. But you know I decided to change the site name from momniazpopot to mielygraphy. Just a quick background about that, the old name of this blog means … Continue reading I’m back… AGAIN?

One year is enough of silence.

It's been a while since my last post. Those were an old photo that has been deleted from our pc already. I missed posting and sharing stuff about me and my son. I hope old followers are still there. After those old photos, my son now is a preschooler . Always showing a star stamped … Continue reading One year is enough of silence.

its been a long time

its been a very long long time since my last post . I feel sad because I'm not able to share the happenings in my sons 2nd birthday last june 26. Imagine that this blog was made 2 years ago but still dont have much followers haha! I know my blog seems to look nonsense … Continue reading its been a long time