Just giving you an update since it’s been a while.

Hey guys, I’m back. I’m not sure if I’m really back completely. But I am here updating y’all about my current activities with bitcoin.

I’ve been idle for a while due to my high risk pregnancy and been busy with my newborn baby.

I got a little broke because of the sudden shutdown of Ethrade. I didn’t invest too much on them so there’s really no hard feelings.



Ethtrade’s website has already shut down, so where are they now? *Must See*

I’ve been a member of Ethtrade.org since April, that has not been so long, unlike others who have been part of it for more than a year or something.

Recently, they have announced the fall of our portfolios to 60% loss. I was shocked but not that much because my investments were not too big. Though as an investor, we always keep in mind that there’s always a risk in any investment that we do. However, there’s a lot of people who are new in investing that is why they are reacting negatively.



Coins.ph will try their best to support Bitcoin Cash soon!

Hey guys, it’s been a while again. This is an announcement I received via email from coins.ph . If you are a member already you might have received the email already. I know some people don’t read emails a lot that’s why I’m posting it.
So on July 30, 2017, they sent an email prior to the Biggest day of Bitcoin history, which is the fork. They said on their blog post that coins.ph will not be supporting Bitcoin Cash.


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