“Tips on how to prevent hair fall and regrow them.” is locked Tips on how to prevent hair fall and regrow them.

Tips on how to prevent hair fall and regrow them.

Last week, I’ve shared to you the common myths and reasons why most women experience excessive hair fall after giving birth. I’ve told everyone that most of those reasons may be applicable to others too. So today, I’m going to share tips to prevent hair fall and somehow help you regrow your hair back.

Just so you know, I’ve experienced excessive hair fall to the point where I had patch of baldness on my scalp. They call it Alopecia. It started and keep on coming back whenever I give birth or stressed. Basically, the reasons of excessive hair fall I’ve discussed last week are based on my own experience.

The tips that I’m going to share to you are the best ways I’ve used to regrow my hair and prevent hair fall. You can try it at your own discretion but I cannot assure if you’ll get the same results. Please be advised that whatever product I share here on this post are the products I really used and I’m not affiliated with them in any ways.

Let’s start with HOW TO PREVENT it.

#1 Use wide toothed comb

This can help minimizing your hair fall. Using fine toothed comb and hair brushes usually makes your hair even worse.

#2 Cut your hair shorter

I know it’s hard my friend but I noticed that the shorter the hair the easier it is to comb and manage. Also, I realized that manageable hair minimizes hair fall.

#3 Try to be stress free

As I’ve mentioned, stress can make your hair fall. There are so many ways to minimize stress. What I do is I take a complete sleep. Write something on my blog or my journal or finish all tasks. Most of my stress are from worrying, so if I could finish all tasks as soon as I can, I won’t be worrying too much. Shrug all things that you have no control of and deal with the things you can fix. (This is like a self-help thingy lol)

#4 Avoid hair styling stuff and do not tie your hair tightly

We all know that too much hair styling or simply hair styling can damage our hair. If you’re experiencing excessive hair fall stop any kind of hair styling that you do. Stop blow drying, hair dying, curling or putting any kind of hair treatment. As much as possible do not tie your hair. If you have to tie your hair make sure that it’s not that tight. Avoid doing braids or dreadlocks, this can bring your hair to breakage.

#5 Clean your hair and scalp regularly

I get sick from time to time, and whenever I get high fever my mom would advise me not to take a full bath. Whenever I do so, I notice that my hair fall gets worse like 10 times. So I therefore conclude that cleaning your hair and scalp regularly can prevent the hair fall.


I had alopecia where my scalp had patch of baldness and these are the following things I used to regrow my hair.

#1 Use an anti-hair fall shampoo and use it properly

I went to a dermatologist before and advised me not to put the shampoo directly to my scalp. She told me to mix the shampoo with water before putting it onto my scalp. The shampoos I tried and worked for me is Pregroe and Moringa O2 Herbal Shampoo.

#2 Use Aloe Vera(the plant)

Aloe vera is know for it’s greatness. I know some blogs have already discussed for its useful benefits. Especially its properties that helps hair regrowth. This really helps regrowing hair, I swear. But I have to tell you this… There are some Aloe vera that isn’t good for regrowing hair.

Just so you know, I was able to see two kinds of aloe vera plant. The first one is light green colored, it’s softer, thinner and has more sticky juice inside (or liquid, whatever it is called). The other one is darker in color, thicker, lesser in juice but has more solid gel inside.

I found out that the juicier one with lighter color is more effective in hair regrowing. All you have to do is to cut a piece of it. Break it so the juice will come out and directly rub it onto your scalp. Do this an hour before shower and/or after shower. This may be sticky or messy so don’t do it after shower if you will be going somewhere.

#3 Have a regular scalp massage

You don’t have to go to spa for this, just massage your scalp or ask someone to do it for you. You can use extra virgin olive or argan oil for this. Way back I was able to use the extra virgin olive oil from Bench. I used it on my scalp and my eyebrows(yeah, alopecia strikes hair from any part or your body.)

#4 Alternative for Aloe Vera Plant is Aloe Vera Hair Tonic

One day I got ran out of Aloe Vera Plant, so I had to look for an alternative. I was able to buy Aloederma Hair Tonic. It was really effective for me and it is less messier than the actual aloe vera. Based on the bottle it contains 99.8% organic aloe vera juice. This is liquefied already so it’s not that sticky. They also have a shampoo and conditioner but I haven’t tried those.

I actually made a post about it on Tumblr when I was pregnant and way way back:


https://mielpot.tumblr.com/post/82389585200/the-cheapest-solution-for-my-alopecia-400-for I’m sorry if this post has to be this long but I hope you’ll find it useful. Please share this to your friends and subscribe. Also, Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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