Weekly Abouts #2: I have a Youtube Channel but…

Over a month ago, I created a YouTube channel which I have been planning to create since 2015. It has been a while before I actually initiated an action to create it.

I don’t even have plans to promote it until I have created several videos. After a month, I only published my daughter’s videos that I really love. Even though I’ve shared them in some social media platforms, I still uploaded them on YouTube. The videos I shared is just so entertaining for myself. I’m not even sure if it would be entertaining for others that’s why I really don’t have the guts of sharing the channel to my friends.

To be honest, I don’t have any goals or plans on what to do about that channel. I just feel like I want to have one. It’s just so silly because I know I have no talents in video making.

I guess I’ve been wanting it because I’d like to challenge myself. Just like when I started blogging, I have a fear in using the English language(I’m not sure if I have mentioned it on my first Weekly abouts). I’m not so artistic nor creative. So I have this thinking that I should learn how to make videos and overcome my weakness on it.

The objective is to learn but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to. I don’t know what to take video about or vlog about. I guess I’ll never make a good video on this channel. Because first of all I don’t want to show my self on cam. That is so bitter. I am not good in speaking either.

I created a YouTube channel to challenge myself but I am still afraid to try. I hope I can get some suggestions with what to do about it. Or if I should just delete it. Hahaha.

If you want to subscribe even there’s no much content yet feel free to do so hehe.

Mielygraphy on YouTube

Any comments?


Miely is a working mom that writes during free time about personal thoughts and experiences. She loves sharing things that may be useful for other people too.
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