what is ptc? : introduction

what is ptc? : introduction

What is PTC?

PTC is paid to click. Ptc sites provide payments to their members for clicking paid ads by advertisers who purchase advert space on the website. Meaning to say PTC sites don’t fund their site just to pay their members, the advertisers are the one who actually pays the members of the PTC site for viewing their web pages.

The PTC site is the one who regulates the collected funds from the advertisers and distributes some of the earnings to the members who made the job on clicking the ads posted by the advertisers.
How much you will earn with PTC?

Each ad clicks made by members usually rate from $.00001-$.1, that rates too low as you can see. And free members can only click at least 5-30 ads a day, some offer hundreds of ads a day but mostly those ads only costs of $ .0001 each click.
If we will say that you can earn $.01 for 20 ads, and you’ll do it for 20 PTC sites you can earn up to $4 a day. That is still low, but not to mean because it doesn’t require much effort skills.
How will you get paid?

Well, it is simple just register to a payment processor(such as PayPal/payza) that the PTC site requires and earn as much as you can, or work until you reach the minimum payout of the PTC site and withdraw or request a payout. Request of payments are not always in an instant some of the ptc sites provide instant payments, but some pay no more than 30 days.

I’m still working on this blog so I’ll be posting some PTC sites soon.

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There are now PTC sites that allow you to earn bitcoins.


What is bitcoin? Click here to find out more.

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