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I just wanna say I’m happy!

For the past three days, I feel so happy. I am with the people I love. They said they were really happy being with me too.

That was just for three days. My heart is begging to see them for more days, more months, and more years.

There are some things that are being affected by this loneliness. Aside from my emotions, my work is also being affected.

Sometimes, I feel like I don’t care about losing a job, but sometimes it alarms me.

To be honest, I’m drowned by this confusion. I’ve been trying to think if what should I prioritize. What should I choose between these two?

It’s either being with my family while we suffer for me not being able to earn money or rather earning really small. Or just choose to work hard and just suffer on my own so I can be with them after some time.

I guess it’s really clear that reality wise, I should work. But it just makes me lonelier than ever.

I wish I had the right to choose the first option.

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