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Switching from unorganized journals to bullet journals!

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Yes, I have so many messy journals. I consider my journals as my scribbling pad. I never realized that it can be organized pretty nicely.

So recently I bumped into a blog about journals. I followed it on Bloglovin’ and they introduced me to bullet journaling. Of course, I wondered what it was, so I did some research.

I found so many fancy and artistic ways to do bullet journals. But I am not that fancy and artistic. I thought “oh well this isn’t for me”. Then I realized, the artistry of it isn’t the real point of bullet journaling. It’s really about organizing one’s life. So I said to my self, “why not give it a try?”.

Just so you know this is how trashy my journals was:

My handwriting sucks. I just use my journal whenever I have an idea that I have to write. But I tend to lose focus when I write some goals on it. It usually does not go the way its planned.

So for the upcoming year. I purchased a new journal. All these years I have been using a lined journal just like the one above. However, I found out that most Bullet journalist uses a dotted journal.

I went to the bookstore to buy a dotted journal but I guess a lot of people uses it because I never get to choose a good color for me.

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I didn’t really like the color of it, but I guess I needed it for a change.

It’s neon green at front and silver at the back. It has two bookmarking ribbons. I really find it weird because of the color but it is nice. I got it for 339php and it’s Victoria’s Journals. It’s one of the best brands you can find at the national book store.

The only thing I am checking on journals is the ability of it to be opened in 180 degrees. And yeah this one is good!

So with this journal, I’ll try my best to write legibly and of course, I’ll also try to be artistic somehow.

I’m hoping that 2018 will be organized and be well for me. I want to be more focused on reaching my goals and I believe this journal will help me to do so.

Here’s how I started setting it up for January!

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