Reading challenge for 2018

Reading challenge for 2018???

I am not a real big fan of book reading. I am more of an article reader. I have tried reading books but I just can’t finish one.

If you’ll notice on my posts I am not a hobbyist of any kind of hobby because I can’t afford things or I just don’t have time for it. I’m one of the guys who rather spend money on food, papers, pens and data(prepaid load).

Those are the only things I buy for myself. The rest of my money goes to my mom and my kids. Well I’m still living with my mom so I had to give a chunk of my paycheck for my share.

So I guess that is the reason why I never finished a book at all. May be you wondered how I started a book if I can’t even afford buying one. Hehehe.

Well, my old friends used to lend me. But Alex keeps on playing with me. I don’t want my friend’s book to tear apart. So I just keep it.

When they’re all asleep, I’d try reading it. But we’re only sleeping in one room back then. My mon keeps on asking me to turn off the lights.

My next attempt is to use a desk lamp. But when my mom wakes up(which she periodically does at night time) and found out that I am still awake she’ll get mad.

Honestly, I am bad with vocabulary too. Probably because I don’t read much books. For some reasons, book writers are very creative when it comes to using words. I tend not to get what I have read because of that.

I tried checking out some ebooks which I can read in the dark and at the same time I can better understand with the help of built in dictionaries. But I don’t know what’s wrong with them, they sell ebooks with almost the same price of the printed copies. I mean once they have converted the word file to pdf or epub or whatever they want then upload it that would be it. Unlike printing copies of it which really cost them something. So I though ebook wouldn’t be an option if it would be that pricey.

Due to those reason, I actually gave up.

But you know what I was able to download some free ebooks online. Although, it’s quite against whatever I think it would be just fine as long as I don’t print and/or distribute it.

I was able to download 10 ePubs. So I guess there would be no more reasons for me to stop reading. The books I got were quite popular I guess but they were quite old may be 5 years old or less. But it’s nice to have some copies of it. I’m planning to search more.

The first ebook I downloaded isn’t really nice so I ended up deleting it. I somehow read reviews even though I’m not buying it. Based on the reviews that book isn’t really good.

Anyways, since I am a slow reader. I will challenge myself in reading one book a month. I hope I can finish a book this time. Currently, I am half with what I’m reading. I couldn’t imagine myself reading a teen age love story.

I guess I will learn a lot from reading books. Not I guess but I hope. I’m really interested with non-fiction but I have to try fiction at least once in a while.

There’s a lot more challenges I’d like to do this year. I’m quite sick of my yearly dose of nothingness. Please share your challenges for yourself this year. May be I could give them a try.

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