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Evernote is my new all in one tool for blogging

evernote across all devices

To all my fellow bloggers and people who love taking notes and record information, I’m about to introduce to you my blogging and noting buddy. Say hi to Evernote!

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve seen this name. Evernote is quite well-known as a note-taking app. But some people are quite confused about how to make the most of it, that is why I’m writing this now.  

To be honest, I’ve had this app already installed in the past like years ago. I didn’t like it that much before because I am really into writing on pen and papers.

I also tried opting in for ZOHO notebook, which is a completely free notebook app but, it’s not as functional as Evernote.  

Since I didn’t have a computer at home, I most likely do my research and some drafting during my free time at work. Sometimes I also work on my write-ups on my phone while I’m commuting. When I’m at the office I’m not really allowed to bring my phone inside our workstations, so that’s where Evernote becomes very useful. I am being able to sync my notes with my Evernote account. There are a lot more features I liked about it which I am about to list down.     If you don’t have an account yet, you may register here to get a 1-month FREE PREMIUM.

Let’s dig into the list of cool things about Evernote!

1. I like that you can use it on any platform.

I use iOS, Android, and Chromebook when writing my posts. Since I have minimal time in writing stuff, I usually write when  I am commuting on my phone. Sometimes I write on my son’s tablet and sometimes at work. It’s great that I can sync everything on any platform I used. There are tons of expensive and good apps on the app store but most of them can only be used across Apple devices only.

evernote across all devices

Photo Source: Evernote

2. The most important thing is it’s FREE.

Although you can get better features when you subscribed to premium, the free version is still good enough. I use this for blogging and I don’t have too many files to attach here that’s why it’s fine. However, if you wanted to use Evernote as your notebook for school, work, and personal journal, I suggest getting their premium. Anyways their pricing is not that much. I tried the premium recently but I realized that I don’t upload images that much. So I guess the free version is going to work for me.

evernote pricing in philippines

Photo Source: Evernote

3. Evernote can be integrated with other apps and services.

  Right now, I have integrated Evernote with my Outlook for iOS, IFTTT, and Workflow app on iOS. It’s quite hard to explain how integrations works but most likely it’s for automation(in my case). For example, when I write something in a specific notebook. IFTTT workflow will create a draft on my WordPress. Something like that. I’m still at the point of exploration and I may do another post about it next time. Here’s a complete library of apps that you can integrate with Evernote: https://appcenter.evernote.com/

4. This is an all in one tool!

Yes, you’ve read it right. This is an all-in-one tool. In the past, I used different apps for my journal, for my drafts, for my task list, and other stuff. Now you can do all this in one app. So here is the list of things I do with my Evernote:

Reminders of some tasks and bills with dues

Taking notes on some researches I do

Lyrics notebook

My digital journal

Link bank

Drafting tool

Lists (for pep tasks, shopping lists  and to watch list)

Archive of online receipts

You can do more with it. You can actually download some templates online for Evernote. Here are some samples. You can also create your own template. I’m trying to improve some templates I got from the web to make it more personalized for me.

5. Super powerful search tool.

For free users, you can search things on their notes and even texts on images, but if you are a premium user, it can even search stuff within the documents within EverNote. Even handwritten texts can be searched as long as it is readable.

sample search with evernote
sample search on evernote

6. Security

  I’ve read an article saying that Evernote is not that safe for saving passwords and personal data. I guess anywhere online is not so safe for personal data and passwords. But there are lot of ways to secure your data from Evernote.   You can set up a passcode within the app, you can set up the two-step verification and you can also review and remove access on specific devices.   Another thing I do is that I only store password hints so that I won’t forget my passwords, rather than saving your real passwords. I always review my account activity and make sure that I use a secured connection to secure my data. Remember, security is in your hands don’t let anyone manage things for you.  

7. The last thing is their pricing options for premium.

evernote pricing in philippines
evernote pricing in philippines

Honestly, among all note-taking apps and digital journals I’ve tried, Evernote is the only one that has flexible and affordable pricing. The price depends on the inclusions that matter to you the most. I had the Day One app for a while and that costs me 199 per month for having multiple journals (although it’s really a good app for journaling) but I’m trying to do things now with Evernote which is cheaper than Day One.     Overall, I love it so much. It’s very useful and always there for me to remember and store information that I need. There are a lot more things you can do with Evernote, try it now. I’m sure you’ll love it. By the way, you can get a 1-month free premium subscription with Evernote if you register here.   Feel free to share your thoughts about Evernote and this post.   Cheers!

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