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Undas: Checklist on what to bring and to do before going to the cemetery with your Kids

Undas 2018_ Check list on what to bring and to do before going to cemetery with your Kids

Undas or All Saints and Souls Day(those are November 1 and 2) is just 2 days away. Going to the cemetery with your kids can be a hassle and very hard, but most of us have to bring them of course. Usually, this event is one of the only days you can see your other relatives together. Probably this would be the first time that you are about to introduce your kids to some relatives or friends. I’m sure it’s pretty exciting.

I used to get excited for Undas when I was young because I get to see all my cousins, aunts, and uncles. I used to play a lot with candles and betting games for a chick or a toy. It’s overwhelming and fun. Now that I am a mother, it’s my turn to keep my kids safe at all times. I wondered how my mom managed us when we were kids. Lol.

For people who are reading this overseas:

Undas is some kind of celebration we Filipinos do to have a day with a family member or a friend who’s already in peace. It is so similar to “Día de Muertos”, which was demonstrated in the animated film Coco. For short it is the Day of the Dead.

Why prep your kids for this day?

First of all, cemeteries will definitely be crowded during this day. You won’t be able to drop a needle at all. Especially at the Manila North Cemetery(the largest in the Philippines), that is where we are going. Having that said, kids are very prone to get lost. Stores may either be closed on this day or be crowded too. Basically, it’s like your going to enter a survival mode battle on this day.

Here are the things you need for Undas

Child’s Anti-Lost Wrist Straps

tap the image to see this on Lazada

Above is some suggestion I found from Lazada. If your planning to buy one from them, click the banner to support our site.

Honestly, I hate seeing these straps worn by kids in the malls. I don’t feel like using it because it looks like I am chaining up my kid. However, in an event like Undas, it wouldn’t matter anymore. The most important thing you have in mind is to keep your kids with you.

My sister ordered one of these a few months ago. Her son is a total disaster when he hits the ground that’s why she chains up her son with her all the time. The good thing is, Lazada has the cheap versions of it. Getting one of those for my child’s safety can always be worth it.

Portable Urinal

click the image to see it from Lazada

Most cemeteries don’t have urinals and in case there is, sad to say, it wouldn’t be clean for sure. You don’t wanna let your kid pee just anywhere. The portable urinal is really needed since most establishments may be closed as well. I used to have the yellow duck portable urinal from Lazada as well when my Alex Zeus was just 3 years old. It’s not really necessary to buy, you can keep an empty bottle. If your kid is a boy, the bottle is good enough. If girl, you must have a funnel in addition to the empty bottle. If you’ll check the banner above, the urinal funnel looks like the purple one.

NEVER let your kid sit down just anywhere to pee. Especially if your kid is a girl. It can be dangerous and unhygienic.

Name tags

It’s important that your kid has a solid name tag, with complete contact details and address. I remembered that in Manila North Cemetery they provide name tags but just in case make sure you have some for your kids.

Educate your child

Kids nowadays are very easy to follow instructions. Make sure to do some briefing with your kid. Things you should let them know:

  • Let them know where to find trusted people like police, guards, or social workers. Usually, during undas, there are a lot of them roaming around.
  • Make them aware of the consequences they may face if they don’t stick with you.
  • Tell them to ask assistance from people who work from establishments near them instead of asking random people.
  • While walking to wherever you are about to go. Keep them informed about the paths that you guys have taken. Reiterate landmarks so they wouldn’t forget.

Keep an eye on them

Don’t be too complaisant. Even you are handcuffed together, always make sure you keep an eye on them. As soon as you lost them out of your sight, look for them immediately.

Checklist of your Must-Haves in a Bag

  1. Extra clothing
  2. Biscuits or bread
  3. Water
  4. Plastic Bags (for emergency puking or whatever)
  5. Mini first aid kit
    1. Band-aid
    2. Cotton
    3. Betadine
    4. Paracetamol
  6. Rubbing Alcohol
  7. Wet Wipes
  8. Tissues
  9. Towel or handkerchief
  10. Fan
  11. Also, bring your phone chargers/powerbanks
What to bring for Undas

Did we miss anything on the list?

Hope we are able to cover anything. Post your comment to add some other things to do and bring before going to the cemetery this Undas with your kids and your family.

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