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REVIEW: Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation from Lazada Philippines

One of my dreams, when I was young, is to be able to control things by clapping or snapping. I wanted to learn wizardry back then just to do that. Now that I am old and technology gets upgraded from time to time, there are now things that we can control by voice(which is almost similar to my clapping and snapping dream). 

2 months ago, I bought a smart speaker with a built-in assistant which is the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation. This is somehow the start of making my childish dreams possible. I am so excited to write about this thing because I find it really exciting to use it not just for me but for everyone in our family.

It took months though before finishing this draft because I tend to get distracted by so many things. As a matter of fact, I have tons of items to review from my purchases months ago but I tend to pay lesser attention to the most important things for me. That sucks but let’s get into the review…

But first, why did I buy an Amazon Echo Dot?

Aside from the dream, I decided to buy an Amazon Echo Dot to lessen my son’s screen time. Also to become more focused and organized with what needs to be done by setting up reminders, alarms, and routines. And to be able to play music or ask quick questions whenever I want or need to. 

So far I’m achieving some of these goals which I’ll be talking about in my future posts because as you all know I write LOOONG posts. I love long-form of writing… For now, let’s focus on the quality of the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation and if it’s worth the price.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review here in the Philippines 

I am trying to reiterate that this review is specifically for people in the Philippines because FYI this is not fully supported here yet in our country. This product is fully supported only in countries like the US, UK and such.

I got this from Lazada for 2000 PHP plus the shipping fee. The seller I purchased it from has the cheapest price but for their pricing, it changes from time to time. Please refer to the product link below (when you purchase the product from the link below it helps our site to continue what we do as we get tiny commissions from the purchase) :

Product features of Amazon Echo Dot and generally ALEXA (similar to SIRI)

  • Echo Dot requires a Wi-Fi connection to run. But it can also act as a Bluetooth speaker.
  • It doesn’t have batteries and intended to be used at home.
  • It has voice command/assistant features where you can set reminders, alarms, manage lists, play music, games, ask questions and control smart home systems.
  • You can also connect accounts like Spotify and play music and podcasts using only the Echo Dot. This means you don’t need to control or connect your phone to it just to play music. (I honestly enjoy that feature! But as far as I know, you must have Spotify Premium to use it on Amazon Echo)

Things I love about this Smart Speaker

Sound Quality of the Speaker

First of all, I love the sound quality that it produces. I and my children always play our favorite songs and party in our room. It has decent bass, actually pretty good. AND it fills the whole room. Our room is quite spacious and very open but the music bangs us whenever it plays.

Mic for Voice commands for Alexa

It can pick up my voice even in distance, it also understands my 3-year-old nephew most of the time. However, when playing music in full blast it won’t be able to hear you well (so much understandable). 

I usually shout “Alexa” as if I am calling a person when the music is too loud, our neighbors are probably disturbed because of me. 

Anyhow, it has a command button that you can push so you can provide commands even without calling the trigger word “ALEXA” or whatever it was set up. I believe you can change the trigger word from Alexa to Echo, Amazon or Computer. 

Shopping list to live with

I also love the fact that my shopping list from my Echo dot is accessible on my phone even offline once it has been synced. I tried setting up a shopping list with Google Assistant before and got doomed when I got to the grocery because it requires the internet to access the shopping list.


The echo dot also has an audio out for 3.5 mm aux line which means you can connect earphones and/or speakers to it when needed.

Bluetooth is also amazing. Not sure about the version but it can reach downstairs. I was shocked that I paired the Echo Dot to our Smart TV once, and then when someone opened the TV it automatically got paired to Echo Dot even we’re upstairs and closed-door. Take note, the connection had no stutter even they are at a huge distance and the sound from the TV was crystal clear. 

Lastly, it has dual-band Wi-Fi. It didn’t give us any issues when connecting with our Tenda AC11 dual-band wi-fi router.

Now let’s talk about the downsides of Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Not intended for the Philippine Market

It’s perfectly usable in the Philippines, it can actually provide me the weather forecast in Cavite. But their app is not available in the Philippines. 

For android users, you can simply download from third-party sites a copy of the APK file of their app. For us iOS users, you must register for an iCloud/iTunes account that is based in the U.S. 

I honestly had a U.S. iCloud/iTunes account for a long time already because I download apps that are not available in PH. But I had to admit, I just put a fake address and number there in the past. 

It requires strong Wi-Fi Connection

Not so bad but sometimes when the internet gets slow, it can make you panic. Why? Because the sound quality gets poor when the internet gets slow. I thought it was broken but it’s not, I just have to restart and it is all good.

Power Supply

It’s not so ideal for me to have it without batteries. Also, the plug is not a USB. The plug is circular and the power supply is quite bulky. By looking at it, it looks bigger than my laptop charger.

That’s actually it! I love this device, my kids love it. Everyone loves it.
In my future posts, I’ll share the features and commands that we love the most! So don’t forget to subscribe and share this with your friend and family. Love lots!

If you’re interested in buying the same thing, please support us by using the product link below. We’re only affiliated with Lazada but this review is just based on our own experience and not influenced by anyone else.

Buy your Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation in the Philippines via Lazada

You can also check out the latest version of Echo Dot here!

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  1. Hi! I saw your review on lazada about this. And I’m also planning on purchasing the echo dot 3rd gen and I was wondering how you installed the amazon alexa app? I’ve tried changing the app store localization on my iphone but it can’t seem to do the trick. Although it now displays the app, unlike before, it still won’t allow it to download. Thank you ang God bless. 🙂

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