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Romoss Ace A10 10000 mAh Powerbank Review

Rpmoss Ace10 Powerbank Review
Hi everyone! Today we’re about to check an item I got from Lazada and that is the Romoss A10 Ace series 10000mAh power bank.
I was forced to get a new one since my 2-year-old Bavin power bank is trying to say goodbye to me. It’s not yet totally wrecked but it acts up from time to time. As a commuter, it’s always necessary for you to have a power bank all the time. Well, I’m not sure if it’s really necessary. I guess it’s just for me who keeps on browsing the web, playing music, and playing mobile games while commuting.
My usual mindset when getting a power bank is that I have to get a higher capacity so that I can always have a backup battery. But that was before. I realized that having a higher capacity means a longer wait time for charging the power bank. Also, it’s heavier. I only use power banks when commuting so technically I am not being able to consume my old power bank in a day. So instead of getting a bigger capacity, I decided to get a smaller one.
Romoss A10 Powerbank Review
If you would see in the image the Romoss A10 is almost half of the Bavin power bank. But it seems to have the same weight despite the fact that Bavin has a 15000 mah capacity.
Before I get into the review here’s the Romoss A10 specs. Please don’t ask me to explain this part. Hehe
Color: Rose Gold
Dual Input: lightning or micro USB
Input: 5V max 2.1A
Output: 5V 1A/2.1A
Battery Capacity: 10000mAh
Rated Capacity: 7400mAh(based on other reviews and 6400mAh(based on the power bank’s label)
So since I really have no means to prove the specs above I will just tell you guys my total experience with it. Just to give you a heads up, I had this power bank for 2 months now. I guess it’s about time to review it.

Things I liked about it

Delivery and Packaging

I got this package just the next day after ordering it. I liked the fact that is well packed. That’s really expected if you order it from Lazada. It is completely sealed as well.

What’s in the box?

  • Power Bank
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Manual

It’s original

I got this from Lazada and sometimes it is hard to tell if an item is legit or not. A reviewer from Lazada gave a tip that you can check it from the Romoss website if it’s original or not. Even though the packaging of this power bank is written in Chinese, I was able to check and verify that this Romoss A10 I got is original.

The message from their website was also in Chinese but good thing there’s Google Translate. I was able to translate the message.

The appearance

For a girl like me, I am sure everyone would love to have the rose gold color. It is just so appealing to me. It’s made of metal just like the fake power banks you can find on the streets. However, this Romoss A10 definitely looks legit. It’s quite heavy but it is super handy.

Performance and functions

  • I really did look for dual input power banks. The thing is sometimes I tend to lose my micro USB cable.  Unlike my lightning cable, it’s with me all the time for sure.
  • I also like the fact that I can recharge this power bank for just 4-5 hours. Unlike my old power bank, it’s almost 12 hours.
  • It charges my iPhone 6 almost 5 times or 3 times when using it while. Since there’s an output for 2.1A, it charges my phone fast.
  • To my surprise, I was able to charge my phone while the power bank is being charged. That has never been possible in my old power bank. It won’t really harm the power bank nor the phone if the input is higher than the output. In this case, I used a 2.1A charge to charge the power bank and used the 1A output.

Now let’s go to the downsides of it. Honestly, there are only quite a few.

The dual-Input feature could’ve been better if…

Romoss A10 Powerbank Review
I tried to charge it on both inputs. LOL

it allows you to hasten the charging time of the power bank by using both inputs to charge it. Some dual input power banks allow you to charge it faster by plugging your chargers into both inputs. It’s not possible with Romoss A10 though. I tried to charge it while using both inputs but nothing has changed.

Charging the power bank using a lightning cable is quite slow. It’s like taking more than 6 hours. Unlike with micro USB, it’s only taking 4-5 hours.

Dunno the purpose of the button

Most power banks have a power button but all the power banks I ever owned automatically turn on whenever I plug in the cable to it and my phone. So what’s the sense of the button there? Lols.
The only thing I am waiting to figure out with this is the durability. How long will this thing last???
Anyways, I added a buy button below to purchase this item from Lazada. It is an affiliate link that gives me a little commission when you purchase. I made sure that the linked item on the ad is the one posted by the seller where I got my Romoss A10 Ace Series.
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